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Old News Out Of Control

For those of you who have received an old newsletter from May 2012, apologies. Have no idea how that went out. Nearly two years later, I note the jolly tone of the epistle. Still quite jolly in mood as I write this. As spring approaches I find myself putting finishing touches to a new Sullivan and Broderick Mystery. A murder investigation that has its roots in World War Two espionage operations on the Rock.

Some very exciting news re-The Rock over the last few weeks, which alas, I cannot expand on as yet.

Spent a lovely five day break with Amy and the girls in Spain and Gib over half term and bored them hugely with little research trips for the next book in the series.  

Several nice possibilities on the acting front have arisen. Hope one will excite me artistically and financially enough to make me leave my snug and cosy study.

Can hear the birds in the garden chirping for Spring. Here's hoping the coming season is a good one for all of you.


A Single Act On Double Acts

Very pleasant afternoon being a 'Talking Head' for a three hour documentary on Britain's Best Double Acts. Fry and Laurie, The Two Ronnies, Eric and Ernie, Laurel and Hardy, French and Saunders and even the Duckworths and Hayley and Roy, all covered.

Spend so much time looking forward, it's rather nice to look back and smile.


First Gibunco Gibraltar International Literary Festival.

Finish Holby City on Sunday and then pack bags to go to the first Gibraltar International Literary Festival @GibraltarLitFes  It offers a great programme and has attracted writers such as Ben Okri, Joanne Harris, Kate Adie, Gavin Hewit and Peter Snow. Also two terrific crime writers, Thomas Mogford and Jason Webster. I'm joining them for a 'Crime In The Sun' session, chaired by David Freeman, on Saturday 26th.

Meanwhile, I'm about a month behind schedule for the publication of my second Sullivan and Broderick murder mystery - 'Poisoned Rock'. It's a story of World War Two espionage, that has deathly consequences in the present day. Another job for the Royal Gibraltar Police Force and its newest recruit!

Also on the scene, bookwise, is my dear friend Christopher Matthew. His new book, 'The Man Who Dropped The Creuset On His Toe', is published this month. The writer of the hilarious 'Crisp Diaries' and the 'Now We Are Sixty' series, will no doubt be at his usual hilarious best.

Another old mate, William Humble, has also sent me his terrific stage adaptation of David Niven's autobiography, 'The Moon's a Balloon'. Hollywood tales of brilliance and, most probably, massive invention. It's certainly wet my poor appetite for treading the boards.

That's news breaking from me. Hope all is well and happy with you.



Clashing Swords of Honour once more.

Eleven years after playing Major Hound in William Boyd's adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's 'Sword of Honour' trilogy for Channel 4, I'm back on Radio 4 for their summer classic series of the same. This time I'm giving of my Arthur Box-Bender and the books have been adapted by Jeremy Front. 

Start next week and am looking forward to it very much indeed. 

Other than that, have been avoiding 'the acting' this summer in order to finish my next Sullivan and Broderick murder mystery. Two great research trips to Gibraltar and a lot of work done. Terrific support from friends old and new out on the Rock.

Out in September.

The heat would be wonderful if it wasn't for these damned mosquitos!


Fork 'andles

Have been attempting to recreate some of the classic sketches from the Two Ronnies for Radio 4's afternoon play, 'Goodnight From Him'. With Aiden McArdle, James Lance and Matt Addis giving splendid renditions of Ronnie Corbett, David Frost and John Cleese, I have tried to do some justice to the 'Guvnor', the great Ronnie Barker. Terrific fun, in spite of several pisspronunciations. Broadcasts in May.

Also, coming up next week on BBC1, is Ben Elton's 'The Wright Way'. I'm in it from Episode 2 onwards, bossing David Haig around as Mayor Len Winkler. Was lovely to do, but just as vulnerable to pisspronunciations. Ben had decided at the last minute to make my character speak in completely deconstructed english. A kind of management lingo in reverse. Stanley Unwin gone town hall lingo barmey. Deep joy and joy deep.

But for now, the kids are back at school and I actually felt the warmth of the sun on my face this afternoon for the first time in living memory. Spring is here. Life is skittles. Life is beer!